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Best online poker player in India Empty Best online poker player in India

on Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:01 pm
Poker is surely a game of skill, every person who is interested in playing poker is always advised to learn how to play poker. And almost every person knows the basic rules of playing poker (especially Texas Hold’em and Omaha). But still people lose a lot of money on table, but all players who know how to make a good stack, know how or when to bluff and many other things are called “best poker players”. In India there are many poker players who are very good at the game.

Apart from winning as many poker tournaments and poker games online as possible, all the top poker players want to win the most cash during one year as by doing so they will be crowned the best player of that year.

Interestingly many of the poker players in India are good because of the online sites like Poker Lion on which they play and practice their games. With the simple and easy user interface, deposit and withdrawal, collusion free variety of poker games and tournaments, prompt fraud analyst and fair play policy of Poker Lion, the online poker real money launched in February 2018, it is already popping up in many players gadget screen. And some of them are well known.

Below you will find the best poker players in India for 2018 based on the total points scored by each player and their GPI (Global Poker Index) ranking, and as such any future winnings might affect the position on this listing of the best Indian poker players!

#1 Nipun Java with GPI 228 and 1,909.07 pts is top poker player in the recent days.

#2 Raghav Bansal with GPI 436 and 1,596.14 pts holds the second place.

#3 Kunal Patni with GPI 565 and 1,464.74 pts holds the third place.

#4 Aditya "Intervention" Agarwal with GPI 622 and 1,416.19 pts holds the fourth place.

#5 Sumit Sapra with GPI 686 and 1,368.12 pts holds the fifth place.

Now that access to play poker is limitless thanks to the internet and of course thanks to Poker Lion, to be a pro poker player is easy than ever. Players searching to master their skills on table are no longer forced to spend hours stuffed in their local casino playing with less-than-quality talent usually.

Players can instead sign online from anywhere, anytime and join Poker Lion tables in India. Players can even enter the poker tournaments via the internet. And add in the plan that technology has already conquered the top poker pros, the ability to practice against the best is endless!
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