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Poker Position Explained: Find Out The Best Position! Empty Poker Position Explained: Find Out The Best Position!

on Mon Mar 19, 2018 4:55 pm
In online poker game the card Position is the most important concepts. It can have two slightly different meanings:
1. Position after the cards have been dealt (e.g. early, middle, late or the blinds)
2. Position after the flop has been dealt (if you are first or last to act).

Poker Position Names:
These two are interrelated; if you play from EP is it very likely you will end up playing your hand out of position (OOP) postflop. If you play from the Button, will act like last. This is considered in position (IP). IP is a very important advantage which provides more information than your opponent and the control over the pot size more effectively.
The Button is the best and most profitable seat on poker table. The Small blind is the worst seat (act with the least amount of information) and the Big blind is the least profitable seat than The Small Blind.
Position Breakdown: Early
Under the gun: this is the first seat, when the cards have been dealt. This is a difficult seat to play because there is a large number of players to act behind. For this reason, players should only play small number of hands from UTG. This is especially for full ring tables.

Position Breakdown: Middle
Middle position: You Should play from this seat slowly but conservatively(play a tight range).

Hijack: In this seat, you can play more hands as you like. This seat should be more profitable than the earlier positions. Each position from this point forward has individual names because they play quite differently.

Position Breakdown: Late
Cutoff : The cutoff is the second best seat in poker game. If the Button doesn’t join the hand then you will always be last to act, it’s average profitably is 25-30% of hands.

Button : The most powerful seat in poker ,from here you can play a wide range of hands. Players can play 50% or more of the starting hands from the button.

Position Breakdown: Blinds
Small blind: The small blind is one of the two seats where you need to front up money before seeing your hand. This is a disadvantage and the of reason losing seat for poker players.

Big blind: The second blind seat is The Big Blind seat. Forcing the Big Blind to front up chips means that almost every player will make a loss from this seat.
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